When appraising bb guns, keep in mind that their condition is usually the result of years of play by children outdoors in the elements. Also, most vintage / antique bb guns (Daisy bb guns, Markham bb guns, etc.) are made of steel and are therefore susceptible to rust, dents, scratches, etc.  A bb gun in excellent to mint condition is very rare and may be worth three to four times as much as an average bb gun. Although thousands of each model were manufactured, few have survived.

  This is certainly true of bb guns.  I am often asked: "What is my Daisy bb gun worth?", and I usually answer: "Your gun is worth whatever you are willing to sell it for, combined with what a buyer is willing to pay for it."  I have seen a bb gun sell to one buyer for $50, and to another buyer for $150 the following day -- same model gun, same condition.  All parties were pleased with their transaction and everyone was happy.

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